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Campaign / GTI Paint opinions, help please


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Hi all.

I am after some advice and opinions please.

Earlier this year I rescued an A-reg Atlas Grey mk1 GTI from near me that had been stood up after someone keyed it and was a non-runner. Before this it was a really nice car.

My plan was simple – Repaint in Atlas (I love this colour) and bring back to its former glory

It is an 1983 A-reg car with DX engine, Green tinted windows, factory sunroof, Leather steering wheel with GTI in bottom corner, mk2 door pins, correct black and grey interior and dash, 4 light grill (this was in the boot but it currently is fitted with a 2 light Crosshair set up).

The previous owner unfortunately sold the original P-slots and has fitted some Porsche cookie cutters but in older pictures of the car it is wearing p-slots.

The car has been repainted Atlas grey and was originally Silver.

In light of the above factory options I contacted the The Campaign register and the admin on the MK1Golf Owners Club as well as going through all the buyer’s guide info and it turns out that it is likely to be one of the few personal import cars from Germany that is classed the same as a Campaign model.

Being a July car my car’s Chassis number is a bit too early to be an official UK Campaign, however both of the campaign buyers guides mention that a number of cars were built to UK Campaign spec from May 1983 and can be regarded as Campaigns and this is where I believe my car sits.

So here’s my dilemma –

If this was not essentially a Campaign model I would just respray it in Atlas Grey as this is my preferred colour.

However in light of the above, do you think I should restore it to its original Silver colour and source the correct (A) P-slots?

Your views on both the colour option and the Campaign info above are greatly welcomed and ill pop down and drag her out of storage for some photos soon.




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Campaigns only had bolt on extras (apart from the roof) anyway so it was easy to turn any GTI of the same age into a Campaign. (as long as it had a factory sunroof) so i wouldn't get too hung up on it being an original. It also depends on how good the colour change was. Nothing worse on a car to lift the bonnet to find a different coloured engine bay etc.

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