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Zender oddity...


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Found this image, which I've no reason to doubt is genuine, on the inter-web appearing to show a set of Zender wheels.

I've personally not seen this style before, but that's not a guarantee they weren't produced.

Not a great image, but the more I look at it I'm starting to think they may be Turbos, but with the center disc machined off.

I've had a look at a Turbo rim in the 'flesh' and it appears to my untrained eye that the disc could indeed be removed, leaving the spokes exposed as in the image, so it may be technically possible if you'd the skill and machinery.

Personally I prefer the original, but each to their own though I'd worry the strength of the wheel has been compromised by removing such an integral feature as the disc.

It would be interesting to know if anyone else has seen such a wheel (or owns them!) and if someone with the technical or machining knowledge thinks my explanation is feasible?



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I was looking to sell my sender wheels that I have for a set of BBS wheels what's sort of price do they go for refurbished  polished  balanced brand new tyres BCB77E80-411A-41AC-9D8A-19BF8D11E0F3.jpeg 06DD76CB-02EE-4922-B282-936624CCEB37.png EAFA2B2C-4B27-4FD5-A842-F77A36F5A6CA.png
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