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Time flies!

11th June…2008!

Hey guys, I've had to revisit a few car forums as long story short, my car storage location is about to become flat land so my two cars will either be sold / stripped or scrapped within the next few weeks. Obviously I'm here as one of those two cars is / was a Mk1 Golf, Lhasa Green campaign edition but stripped and track focused, with a G60. Non running, not pretty, but plenty of working and usable goodies.

That being said, much like another official car forum I had to visit for car number 2, the classified section is again, a paid up area. Or I need some points!

Anyway, can anyone beat 10years plus on the last visit count!?


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If they can beat the ten year thing I doubt that the moons will align so they also see this post  :lol:

Chuck up your ad. If you have problems let me know and I'll see if I can sort it for you


Cornish Host.
1980 VW Derby
Clive the Cabby
Ujum the Invisible
Mynx the  Tintop


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Haha, nice one fella. I'm just in the process of wrangling up all the info and I'll pop the ad up over the weekend.
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