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Winter Tyres/Wheels...


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Anyone got theirs on yet? This year's been so mild where I am, It could still be a few more weeks before I switch.


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I generally wait until it's been about 7 degrees for a few days in a row when I drive to work.
It was the 3rd week of Nov last year and looks like it might be about the same this year.

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put them on our C-Max at October half term as I was off, weather was nice and dry and no salt on road so original alloys could be put away clean and dry.

Still performed well in warm weather, but looks like we are in for a cold snap now.  Had a set for the first time last year and found them incredible.

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I was obviously tempting fate starting this post as we had some frost on the grass this AM.

Made me have a look at the Met. Office site and sure enough it's to get noticibly colder and regularly dip below 7 degrees in my area for the foreseeable, so on they've gone.

Anyone new to winters remember to consult with your insurers, as a rule and within reason it makes no odds to your premium, but best checking to be sure.

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