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Mk1 Cabrio on highway speeds of 120kmh/74mph and 80kmh/50mph


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Interested in buying a summer hobby car but was wondering about driving at highway speeds


I'm considering joining the mk1 club and buying a 88-golf cabrio with a 1.8 liter FI motor 5 speed manual. Where I live there are alot of highways with speeds of 80kmh/50mph to 120kmh/74mph. I was wondering how the car can handle highway speeds for short periods of max 30mins at a time. I don't mind noise or the fuel efficiency but was wondering if the car can handle those speeds well.

I also have a Christmas Cabrio CC being sold nearby for cheaper. It has a 1,8 liter GL motor with a carb. I like the color, body and the interior is in better shape but I read that the carburetor engines can be a hassle and FI is better for "daily" driving and ease of life.



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Well I drove my 90 manual Cabby at over 75 mph on our highways quite often and then burst of 80 mph and 90mph. Never had any issues with this as I did have Cruise Control.

Now my 92, and 93 Cabbies were both Autos, and ran hot, on the highway, until I installed a external Oil cooler then I had no issues driving them at 75-80 on the interstates over here for 4 or 5 hours before having to stop for gas/food/drinks. I wished they both had Cruise.. Autos were Terrible on mileage but fun to drive No Shifting At All.


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No problem at all in my opinion, back when mine was my daily car in the 90's (before I took it apart and spent 20 years putting it back together…) I used to do plenty of motorway driving, had no problem doing 70 mph (or more on occasion!)
As long as everything is maintained and in good order it will be fine. Obviously it will be neither as quiet or refined as a modern car but that's not why you would buy one!

My rebuild thread I will try and keep up to date: here

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