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Date of registration different after v5 update


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V5 discrepancies

I recently registered my MK1 golf as classic.
Went to post office with v5 with first registration date as 12th aug 1983
Came back as 1st aug 1983
The change is also reflected online
I'm not going to try and battle the DVLA over this as suspect it would fall of deaf ears, but has anyone else experienced anything similar?
It's not the end of world, but up to this point, me and the beast have shared a birthday (not the year, just the date)


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Personally I'd get it sorted now while it's a fresh issue, the longer you leave it the more complicated it'll become.

Not bore you with the details, but from personal experience errors on V5s can come back to haunt you and in ways you don't anticipate.

Other bodies use the data from V5s, HPI checks for example.

Anomalies can potentially flag up as an alert to be investigated, such as when a check is done by a potential buyer.

Errors on V5s are common, the DVLA even have a paragraph or two on their site telling you how to deal with them.

They've made a mistake, you're not happy… I'd say don't let it slide.



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Thank you, good advice, I will take a closer look, I assumed they stopped counting the date and just counted the month after a certain age
May take some time, but will update here with how easy/hard it was to sort


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Sorted, didn't have proof of old v5, lots of digging and finally got it confirmed that I was wrong 😅
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