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Clipper bumper repair.


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Evening guys. After a bit of advice! I have a 1990 gti convertible what I'm using for the summer whilst doing bits of body work. The issue I have is on the bumpers where the wheel arches pop rivet onto bumper the lip has come adrift from the bumper! I have tried fibreglass but was not successful!! Has anyone else had the Sami problem and how did you get over it? Thank you. 


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is the wheel arch hole larger than the rivet?
I think I would try using a larger metal piece or plate a Fender washer as a backing plate and then trying to get the rivet to hold.

If it is because the Arch hole is larger than going to an oversize rivet, and or a small bolt and nylon locking bolt may work.  Hard to visualize with out pictures of your attempted repair.

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