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Mk1 friendly workshops near Milton Keynes


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Hi All,

Quick question - any recommended workshops (and contacts) near / around Milton Keynes?

Looking for mechanical services i.e. full suspension re-bush, idle and ignition timing set-up, and other general work.



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Try the guys at Unit 18 on Tanners Drive, Blakelands.

VAG specialists, all ex VAG techs and Alistair the owner is a decent bloke and although they mostly work on the modern cars they were more than happy to help with my cabby last year and handle my MOT as well.


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crazyquiffs   not a million miles away and bags of experience on mk1s

Crazyquiff's Mk1 Golf richard  has shop and workshop

Classic-vw are specialists in the mk1 golf models, including scirocco, jetta and caddy. We are also your No1 choice for the hard to find and obsolete parts. mark carter can advise on coilovers and supply all parts required

On the drive
T25 Diesel…sameoldblueshiŁ (currently under resto)
Nomorecarsthatsit 83 plate tintop ($mashed)
Rocco gt2….1990 secret 2…(hiding near resto)
Leech 89 plate cabby don't tell Mrs.
Mk4 99 1.8t indigo blue Gti with 40k miles
Caster 93 clipper JH Green cabby
Snowy 91 GTi White cabby
Myvalver 89 GTi Grey mk2 16v
Yuppy Flu 91 GTi Flash Red Sportline

 Golf mk1 owner's club on Spotify

Mk1 golf owners club playlist: Golf mk1 owner's club playlist - YouTube


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Try Vagtech 01908 410 424 near Ikea, also pop down to the monthly meet 1st Monday of the month at Mk stadium outside TGI . Message me for further details

1979 mk1 Golf Gti (Dan) 
1983 mk1 Golf gti G60 (little-un)

1991 mk2 Golf Country Chrome Edition
1995 t4 Trident AutoSleeper (Salty)

2012 mk6 Golf Tdi convertible
2017 mk7 Golf gtd estate


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Hi Ant

I’d love to come back and join you all but I’ve been playing football every Monday night for a works team since we came to the meet last April so haven’t found the time.

I may skip a week in the spring time, dust the cabby down and come along for an evening.

thanks for the reminder

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