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Warning of fraud


Just thought that I would post a friendly warning about the website.  I seem to have been scammed and I don't want anyone else to be.

The site advertises all manner of tuning parts and looks legitimate, but when I attempted to purchase items my money was received and that was the last that I heard.  My attempts to pay via Paypal were repeatedly refused after which the website recommended paying by international bank transfer, which I did.

My order was acknowledged but not dispatched, my payment was taken but not acknowledged.  My repeated attempts at communication have been ignored (email, contact page, Instagram, etc.).

Apparently I am not the first to have issues with this site.  The owner (Marc Scheper) also refuses all attempts at correspondence.  My bank is currently attempting to retrieve the funds and I have reported the incident to Action Fraud.

If anyone has any knowledge of this bloke then I would be happy to hear it.  I feel that explaining my situation to him in person would result in my money being refunded remarkably quickly.

This is apparently the site owner:



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I had a similar issue. Could not get any communication etc…

As soon as I filed a claim with paypal, I received my goods-:thumbs:I wish you the best of luck-



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I nearly bought my new Powersprint stainless exhaust system off them but glad I didn't now. There seems to be a few threads about slow service but most seem to get the parts eventually so hopefully you do too.
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