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What a difference 10 years makes!


Hello one and all,

 Last night we had a team meeting in prep for this year's Annual Gathering - we can be pretty organised behind the scenes you know  - but really it was just 2 1/2 hours of me boring people on Skype! 

Anyway Hairyarse was about with work so he came over to mine  and we did the meeting from here (also made him dinner and he left me with a load of washing up).

Anyway it got me thinking around the time I bought my car - which will have been 10 years to the day I put down the deposit on May 22nd - scary really, but I always knew I'd own it forever (even if it is a Cabby).

It also got me thinking about when I joined the club, which was exactly 10 years ago today!

Well what a 10 years it's been, this is my 3rd role in the team (committee) now, started as the web manager; came back as the marketing manager and now somehow I've ended up at the helm of the ship - I never actually thought that would happen being honest, ive seen a lot of people come and go over my time and it's a lot of responsibility and takes a lot time out of your life - but would I change it?

Of course not.

It's a good point to raise that all off the team roles actually take up a lot of everyone's time and I really mean this when I say you're only as good as the team you have behind you, and the one I have behind me at the moment is cracking - we've got some great changes coming forward from all areas and I'm really looking forward to what the club will bring in the future.


m00 ans4r chortle ew Yomp Nosmonkey

So here's to the next 10 years with a great club, another 10 years of owning the car (hopefully get it back on the road at some point)

Big thank you from me and the rest of the team to whoever has supported us over the years, including previous committee members, anyone who has contribute with great content, helped us with shows and paying your membership - it's you guys who make this club what it is and keep it alive.


I did actually start writing this on the 17th and it took a bit longer, so forgive me for the few minutes over. 

And for fun here's my very nieve first post (turned out it wasn't a sportline even though it looked like one!):

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10 year's  ! ….thats flown by.
 Guess we'll all be old  classics ourselves  soon..

Mk1 2l TSR G60.  .getting. There twice as fast

Mk1 lhd diesel…….getting. There for half the cost


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Happy anniversary!

(and thanks for the spag bol!  :lol:  :cool: )


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Well done Si .congrats on the new promotion!! Onwards and upwards!!

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