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Underbody Seal..


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HI Im in the process of restoring my MK1 Golf, what's peoples choice for underbody sealing.

im going to be stripping it back to metal apply some rust preventer and then sealing it  


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I used a ppg product called body Shotz, then there is the Rhino-liner that works well dries semi-rigid and is paintable.

Which ever way you go, you may also want to spray Waxall Cosmoline inside the rocker panels and other hidden areas to keep the innards rust free, just be sure that which ever product that you use it "Semi-Hardens" and is paintable.  Semi means that it will absorb debris without breaking and pealing off.  

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I used waxoil and lots of it with a compressor and gun.

Full underside, bumper brackets off and down chassis legs.
Door cards off and boot cards to do as much inside the panels as possible.
Arch liners out and fully coat everything inside.

Oh and inside the rain tray, spare wheel well and underside of bonnet

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If you're going back to bare metal then you'll want to spray some etch primer onto the metal as soon as it's clean to stop it flash rusting.

Once everytihng is done then sand it all down and apply as 2k primer. You can use a roller for this or a spray gun.

Then add some paint if wish and/or a good quality stone chip type thing.

Stone chip could be rhino liner, cobra liner or any other sort of bed liner stuff.

There's another sort of wax available too that doesn't go hard like waxoyl but for the life of me I can't remember the name!  


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Underbody Seal..

Ok I can be a bit controversial here.

If you have a garage and you don’t use it daily then I would NOT waxoil it. This is because it makes a mess and I think a stone guard paint colour painted afterwards looks a lot better.

If only doing a few thousand mainly dry miles per year then as long as you prepped and painted it correctly it should be fine for many years.

I have just spent a long time cleaning my engine bay to remove dirty waxoil that making it look horrible. Only done a little bit but have many winter hours to spend doing the rest.

Others may give more technical advice on protection but I think it ruins the hard work you do in repairing/restoring a car.


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Thanks for the info guys.

I have been doing some looking around and found a couple of options but i think this will be ok

Tetrosyl Tetraschutz Shutz Body Rust Protector Underseal Spray 6 x 1ltr + Gun | eBay

Another question is do i do all under the inner arches etc with this stuff or best to waxoyl them?


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Ive just stripped mine and used Upol epoxy mastic primer and then the raptor bed liner on top. The combo is awesome and i really cant see anythig getting past it! I decided on not going down the schultz/wax oil for the reasons mentioned by Backinblack. Seems to be more of a way the rust can hide, and after tripping the whole lot off (absolute pig of a job but would fully recommened it as i found a number of hidden patches) it seems to have done exactly that…hidden stuff.


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seen a few people saying not to use bedliner underneath as the heat from the exhaust causes it to blister.

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Can you use waxoyl under the bonnet/in the engine bay. Doesn't the heat make it liquid again?
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