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Hi all I'm not sure if this is posted in the right place but didn't know where to put it? Basically at Stamford this weekend I swapped my door cards with a guy I found on here (cheers for that) he had a full blue interior fitted with black and grey door cards, I had a full black and grey interior with blue door cards. We swapped and everyone was happy. No money changed hands and everybody gets what they want. It was honestly the most hassle free transaction Iv ever had. I didn't have to put up with all the chumps and cretins from eBay or Gumtree etc. 2 people with the same interest getting something they needed to make their golf a littler bit cooler and not a penny changed hands!!! what's not to love. 
Iv got bits I need on a build I'm doing and Iv got some spare bits lying round in the garage that could go in replacement for those bits, I'm sure plenty of us have stuff lying about on a shelf or in a cupboard in the garage not being used and need something for their golf that someone else might have sat on a shelf doing nothing. I was thinking if anyone had anything they could put a post up with a "parts needed" and a "parts for swaps" lists. kind of like back in the day with football stickers 😂 For me the value of the part isn't the most important bit and you could always do a bundle of little bits for one big item. As long as the value is not toooooo far apart it's more about 2 golf owners getting what they need and getting rid/putting old parts to use. Iv got some bits I'll put a list up and see if anyone is interested, hopefully so 👍🏼 


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what are you after mate


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Dash has a few marks here and there and a coupe of spots where some tool has welded near it.

All dash surrounds in good condition

Clocks in good condition with about 130,000 on them

2 cabriolet doors good condition not rot 

Cabriolet bonnet good condition no rot 

Arches and skirts and off a cabriolet 

Bumpers off a cabriolet clipper style

Centre console coupe of scratches but decent condition

 2x quarter windows with seal

Indicator/ wiper arms mech

Plastic boot cover in good condition 

Full set of black window trims

Fuse box

Manual window mechs 

2 front door glass off cabriolet


Window motor (driver side if it matters)

Would like some dials for my console don't have to be vdo but don't want summat out of starship enterprise 

Steering wheel centre cap 

A  roof 😂


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cannot help with the roof
they are cabriolets
out of luck all round
just sold the vdo gauges


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Mines a cabriolet gutted about the gauges 👎🏼 Out of interest was there anything you would swapped them for?


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i have decided to repair another cabriolet
i have i am gutted i sold them


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Let me know if you need and bumpers/skirts, windows, dash, doors or a bonnet.

Cheers Gaz 


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like your self i have stuff
clutering the house the sitting room conservatory
kitchen hallway LOL


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the wife just gone to work
night shift going to do a
couple of phosphoric acid
tubs she will be over the moon
with the kitchen in the morning


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Haha Iv had few bollockings off my missus about coming down in the morning and the dining tables got something in bits all over it.
Shed some weight nicci21paul, post a list of any bits you don't need and what you do. Summat might come up. Iv had nothing with mine yet so maybe not 😂


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Not a sausage 😂


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just busy putting bits together i have
a donor complete apart from engine
and drive train i do not want to sell
anything until  i am sure i have what
i need  have some spare suspension
and brake parts fuel tank for sure
possibly a bare black dash knee bar
with black cover  roof frame with  a
good head cloth needs recovering no
water in the boot so window frame
possibly could be good couple of sets
of gear linkages
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