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Storing car on two post lift?


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Hello hello

due to having a small garage and too many cars I currently have my mk1 cab up in the air for the winter.

Seems to be conflicting opinions online about possible damage to suspension components / linkages etc, anybody got another opinion to throw into the mix?


Regarding other general safety:

Ramp is sat/lowered on the mechanical stops and not relying on hydraulics to keep it in the air.

I dug the floor out myself and have approx 1 cubic meter of C25 ready-mix concrete (delivered by a local company in a mixer) under each post. Post are held to floor with M16 studs in 2 part chemical resin.

Needs must!



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Hi Buddy,

How about you put the lighter classic Mini  on the ramp, and the Golf underneath (if you have enough height on lift), that way you would be less concerned about loading and the Mini also has less sophisticated suspension so less likely to be affected-if at all.
I take it your treaded rod was high tensile? Though if there's 4 on each pillar its not going anywhere…

Your Mini? I love these and they were my first love [1380 cc , genuine Balwin run dyno gave 98hp at wheels :P] then I discovered Golf's…:lol: 
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