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Hi guys, looking for some advice and photos of the oem sticker locations on a 90 gti cabriolet,  under bonnet and door jabs especially would be appreciated.


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Not a cabby but this could be of some help.

View topic: Guide to stripes and decals - The Mk1 Golf Owners Club

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On my 93 Digi, there were stickers located:
Left front strut tower,
Right front strut tower.
Air box lid
Fan motor
Valve cover
Behind Windscreen washer bottle prior to strut tower was a "yellow" barcode sticker with the paint code on it.
Hood only had a "Holographic" Vin number barcode on front lip, as well as the same stickers were on the doors, and boot lid.
In the boot on the cross Bar between the Strut towers is the build sheet.  On the USA Cabby's there are the Vin plate on the Drivers door "A" pillar as well as the road weight/tyres, as well as a bar code for the Vin.

There was the "Air Bag" information on the Drivers side sun visor when lowered, but as I didn't like the fact that the 90's visors couldn't go as far up as the 89's I sourced older visors on al my cabbies and did away with those "newer Features".  

Here are some of them I captured.

You can see the paint code orange sticker on the inner fender between the strut tower, and the washer bottle.

I never took picks of the holographic  vin stickers on the doors, bonnet or boot lid, nor of the vin plates or scan codes… Sorry.

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Try this it has every sticker availible to purchase in a bundle for £29 and shows locations†

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