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Starter Motor - Bosch Refurbishment


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Parts for refurbishing your own starter motor

I've just refurbished my Bosch starter off the Mk 1 Cabrio. I was very keen to keep a Bosch starter but prices at 250 upwards didn't encourage me so looked at the refurbishment route. I got in touch with the guys at Rotating Electrics in NI and they were incredibly helpful. They sourced the correct brush cradle, solenoid (not Bosch unfortunately) additional brushes for the field coil and a couple of brass bushes. I have stripped, cleaned, soldered, replaced the brass bush and painted the main body and the end caps and its as good as new. 35 worth of parts, bit of silver and black paint and around 3-4 hours work. Well worth it.
Can recommend these guys if your thinking of doing something similar.

Couldn't be happier!


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Did a similar thing with mine, was in pretty good nick so only changed the bushes out.
Very satisfying job. Won't know if it works until I get the rest of the car built up to stick it in! Fingers crossed!

My rebuild thread I will try and keep up to date:here
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