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Speedo Problems - how to repair or replace ?


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Hi all,

So I recently had my Mk1 GTI in with the mechanic for a very few minor bits of work.     I explained to them that the mileometer had been faulty (stopped working about 100 miles ago) and they felt that they could fix it.  I also observed that the needle on the speedo was 'bouncing' a little bit but otherwise working fine.

Fast forward a month and the mileometer still doesn't work AND now the speedo doesn't work at all!  Mechanic is now saying that he can't fix it and I should send him a replacement.

I have had a quick look on line and can't seem to find one for sale anywhere.    Does anyone know where I can source one, or suggest an expert who can fix it for me??





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The Speedo not working for mileage, or kilometers is usually and always the red gear inside of the Housing. Stripped teeth, and or slipping on the shaft.

The main Needle will still work, and not have an issue.
You didn't state the year of your ride, but I think that your speedo cable or gear in the transmission may be faulty as that is usually what I have seen  cause needle bounce.

I do think that your Mechanic may not be used to older cars, and what can cause them to go weird.  

Now with that said the Speedo cable may have become dislodged from the cluster and that you may need to have it re-clicked.  

I would change the speedo cable and see if that doesn't fix the needle movement issue, the odometer will still probably not move if it is what I suspect.  The Gear on the inside of the Speedo is usually red and replacements are pricey @ 40 USD on this side of the pond, they aren't that hard to replace, but takes careful disassembly of the unit, specially when manhandling the
mylar foil on the back.  Just take your time and take care to Photograph your disassembly.   I have a how do I fix flaky water temp gauges where I have pictures of taking it apart.  When going back I would strongly suggest that you Plump your connections, and replace all 3 lamps in the cluster, as you usually will find that you
will be back in a few weeks to replace a burned out one.

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Many thanks for your advice!

Its a 1981 model.  I think you are correct when you say that the mechanic is not familiar with older vehicles like this.

I am hoping to speak to Crazy Quiffs soon and I will see what they say - personally I don't have the time (or skill!) to fix this on my own.

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