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After having  quite a few classic cars , I made the move out of the classic mini's and moved onto the vw scene. general because of people. Went to quite a few show bug jam etc and though amazing .
Anyway recently been done over ,  by trying to help someone get his project on the road as he asked what I had to sell, so I virtually gave away parts  to him that I wasn't planning on using. 
Turns out he actually a trader. And selling everything for a profit. 
As you can imagine it's pretty much put a downer on things. 

How many scammers have we got on the mk1 scene ? 


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This makeas me angry! -And sad for you!- as he abused your obvious kind nature- what a b*****d.

Hopefully he will meet his match someday:dry:.

Meanwhile pick yourself up and don't let it change what your like Kezz.

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