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qianqian98 strange posts, not related to Mk1 Golfs...


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Can the mods delete qianqian98 as a user, this is the 2nd time in a couple of months we have been bombarded with posts which have nothing to do with Mk1 Golfs! :dry:

1988 Mk1 Golf GTi Cabriolet 1.8cc DX, K-jet. Daily drive. 290,000 miles and counting
1978 Mk1 Scirocco GLS 1.6cc FR, Webber carb. Weekend toy.


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Wish someone would block it.   
Would a load rubbish.  Like who really cares needs blocked I woke up to about 6 long post.
It needs stopped if ask me


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Sorry chaps.  :'(

He snuck through the net somehow.

I've requested deletion of account.

If you see him or others similar please tag me and I'll try to get him removed.

Apologies again


Cornish Host.
1980 VW Derby
Clive the Cabby
Ujum the Invisible
Mynx the  Tintop
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