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New window frame


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My rear window frame is rotten and I've been looking into a new one rather than fix it. I found this online and wondered if anyone has bought this before.

Mk1 Golf Cabriolet Rear Window Frame 155871423

I've read they're about 300ish so this sounds cheap to me. Worth buying?


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Im pretty sure this is the same one I have that is waiting to go in as mine was allegedly from classic vw.

It states it has the plastic insert, just need to confirm it has the threaded holes in each bottom corner.

According to chortle mine is fit for purpose so this should be as well.

I'd check the price though as I got mine locally for 175 and the guy originally got it from classic VW but said it was closer to 250

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I couldn't see any holes in the picture so I'll email them to find out. The one on Heritage did have holes from what I remember but it was a bit more expensive and my budget is already blew to bits 😧

Thanks for the help 👍


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Try pm'ing Chortle on here, as I think he as a source fo them as well, and I know that he can glue the inner to the outer.

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