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Model year vs production year


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So my tin top was produced 13.10.1980, shipped to uk 15.10.1980 and first registered 1.11.1980.

It reported to me by vw history as golf GTI 81kW/110ps manual gearbox model year 1981.

Does this mean anything to anyone to help me build my knowledge on the car. Is it for example one of the first series 2. Or is it just what it is and no different to a 1982 or 83 car?  

Curios really


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Historically major changes were made during the summer break in August(?) so the '81 model year would have be produced from Aug/Sept '80 to July '81.

The '83 model year saw the introduction of the 1.8 engine and MFA. Mines a '83 model year early 1.8 engined car and lots of the parts are dated from the summer of '82.

1983 Mars Red 1.8 Golf GTI
1987 Alpine White 1.8 Clipper Cabriolet

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