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mk1 golf series 2 1993 clipper binnacle


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Binnacle from gti to clipper

Hi all

I made my first post yesterday in Intro section and had reply from Chortle, thank you Chortle but I thought I would upload some photos here as maybe this is more technical and other would look.

My problem is speedo dont work on Clipper binnacle so I got a Gti one and fitted that, speedo now works but fuel gauge rev counter and other bits dont work now.

I can see differences in circuit board and Chortle mentioned about Clipper not having MFA and thats why I'm having issues and to make 1 out of 2 which I'm looking into but could do with a guide or a walk through as I dont want to end up breaking both in process.

My MFA on Clipper is black screen what do you mean by mine not having one Chortle? has the Gti got more functions on it? these 2 binnacles look identical on front but different on rear.

Can anyone upload or link me to the wiring for both Clipper and Gti binnacle?

I'm new to all this so simple answers for me please lol

clipper.jpg clipper2.jpg clipper3.jpg gti.jpg gti2.jpg gti3.jpg


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MFA is a computer that displays information on the clock LCD. The function is changed by pressing a button on the end of the wiper stalk. This is usually indicated by icons around the clock.

It might be easiest for you to just swap the speedos over. I note they are in different units though.

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View topic: Speedometer revival tear down & LCD swap - The Mk1 Golf Owners Club

Have a look through that post it should give you a good overview.

with the LCD they are available new at about 30.00 however I was told that the reason why it goes black is separation of the display parts etc. I've never tried this however I was told that once the LCD is out to heat it up and press it back together. It's something to do with a glue used in bonding the layers together.

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Well speedo's that don't totally work as in Speedometer or Odometer is that the Cable is usually ungclipped from the rear.

You can take off the vent on the left or right depending on if it is LHD or RHD and work your arm to the rear of the speedo and re-clip.  

I have found over the years that if I look at the speedometer cable wrong, it pops off, if I touch it while doing a different repair it pops off…..

If the odometer doesn't work and you have a VDO gauge unit, it is the little red gear inside the housing that either has stripped off teeth, or is slipping on the shaft.  That gear is about 40 bucks to purchase (USD) if the teeth are gone or one tiny drop of super glue on the end stops the shaft from slipping.  

Over the years I have found that if I press the trip reset lever while the car is on motion, I either break teeth on that gear or it starts slipping on the shaft disabling the odometer… Various makes and models….So don't trip the lever unless you are stopped….BE WARNED….

I think I have a how do I take my cluster apart to get to it in the archive how to section.  The MotoMeter units are more robust and usually don't strip teeth.

On Cars equipped with a OXS light there is a junction box under the scuttle cover that can get stripped internally, and the usual fix is to buy a one piece cable for a 90 ish, and replace it.  (the box has a push button on it to reset the light, so best to leave it in place.

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Hi all thought I would give update.

Auto electrical friend swapped over GTi speedo to original Clipper binnacle and repaired broken circuit board but I had no oil warning light.

The Clipper speedo has a circuit board within it that works the oil warning LED, so he done a bypass with a resistor and now all works fine.

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