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Mk1 Cabrio for sale but at what price


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Discuss pricing for my car

Need to sell my 1989 1.8 Golf just sailed through MOT with 100k miles - any ideas of price as seeing market prices from 6k to 13k - any advise is greatly received 


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Condition of the bodywork and paint 
Wear on the seat bolster and interior
Rear window frame 
All those are larger ticket items.
Service history is helpful.
Prices vary depending the model of the Car and value wise because something is advertised for a price doesn't mean it will sell for that otherwise we'd all be putting £15k on our cars.
So  £4K car can easily be at £10k if it needs the work.
Depending if you can do some works yourself or know someone who can.
A good write up and photos are needed really to give an idea of value.
Maybe check eBay out with listed endings to see what prices are being achieved.
Higher value tend to be the more limited edition models or oddities of 1 owner, low mileage FSH. 
I've looked on Facebook marketplace and they've ranged from £500 to £12,000.
To me some of the £12k asking prices are just dreaming for a standard cabby.
There was a CC edition and they were asking £12,000 because it was rare but it was quite far removed from it's Origional form.
Same as a few Rivage editions I've seen for big money would need a further £2k plus spending on them to make them correct or decent. 
It's hard not for someone to take offence when we start talking prices because we often have an emotional investment and financial too.


"Making Cabbies More Beautiful One Roof at a Time" 


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Easiest way to do it is list it for what it owes you or what you want for it

You will soon find out if it's too expensive for what it is as you will still have it in a months time

I have seen some odd prices lately, non Gti cars making more than Gti versions etc, colour and spec play a large part in it

Lots of factors, but, the more original and the better the condition is where the money is

Paint is expensive, as are hoods ect as chortle says above, rust and previous repairs also

People don't tend to buy 30 year old cars that are chopped about or needing thousands spending on top to remove the Carlos fandango wheels, cheap suspension and get rid of the interior out of a Honda Civic

They look for investment cars that are honest and original in my experience, none of them are perfect


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Yeah, it all depends on the condition.

Secondly, originality.

Thirdly the spec, colour, trim etc


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Thanks to all with great advice , have add to AutoTrader as below - fingers crossed 
Auto Trader UK - New and Used Cars For Sale


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looks a nice one dave


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has it sold? if not can yopu pm me the info please


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Hi. Not sold still for sale - thanks 
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