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Lowering, coil overs, and all that malarkey


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must admit, I prefer the stock ride and height. It must be my age….Lowered looks cool on some cars - Americans, hot rods etc, but just not cool on a Mk1 golf. And the compromise  in ride comfort is not worth the trade IMHOWhy do all the coil over lowering set ups give such a hard ride?

last year I bought a Mk1 caddy with coil overs fitted, I lifted it to around 1 inch below standard height, and the ride was really really awful... I suppose its because you loose so much suspension travel, that if left as a standard soft ride they would bottom out a lot? Oooh I've answered my own question LoLI think the only way forward is air ride - you can slam it for looks at shows etc and then lift for a comfy drive  home.

what do you folks think?
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