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Interior refresh


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Hi Everyone,

Looking to refresh and reupholster the centre seat cushion fabric (not the leather headrest or surrounds) on the front a rear seats on a mk1 gti cab.

Has anyone that's done this know how much to expect to pay for this or have any recommendations for ompanies in london area or south west area? Would be willing to travel (restriction dependent in uk)

Many thanks, D


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Hi, sorry for jumping on your question. I'm looking to refresh the interior of my 93cab. I need a new carpet set (no floor mats) can anyone recommend someone as I've seen some on eBay for £230 but cautious due o it being eBay lol thanks Si


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carpets are a pain, but the ones from newton commercials do fit, but you have to take time and add underlay/sound proof  to bring the carpet up to correct height.

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