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Identify this rear window louver


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5FFCAAB6-851D-4E47-A45E-D13964AF13DC.jpeg 49920FD0-825B-4715-B09A-0101F81EF0A0.jpeg 47044364-9483-4675-A832-0EBE553E2FCD.jpeg CCC3C809-974D-450B-999D-5D65571EC069.jpeg C73A08B2-7289-4F59-939E-ECAC59826103.jpeg A11B784E-D5D5-4779-BF93-360F9B0847C0.jpeg 1CA4B862-1CD4-429E-A531-F5FF07625998.jpeg 03B960D3-ED79-4A86-AC21-735640FB7FF8.jpeg B85E9F33-828D-4C76-9112-64959CAE7448.jpeg 3FC4F688-164C-45E0-956E-0D199203A48F.jpeg

I have here a rear window louvre with no brandname or partnumber on it.  As i dont have a mk1 golf i would like to be shure if this is an golf mk 1 item.
After many hours searching al little hatches, i stumbled across some pics of some nice golfs that seem to have my louvre fitted.
If that is correct, than i have the rear louvre branded votex sport? Is that correct?  It measures 55 cm h, 90 cm w on top and 100 cm w at the bottom. Can someone measure that on a mk1 for me plz? Thx in advance! 
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