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Help with right hand drive conversion


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Hey all,

As part of my build it changing the shell from left hand drive to right hand drive.

I've changed all the metal work over already that's fine.

I've had a peddle box made with a right hand drive outer column but when I've putting my left hand drive shaft in the right hand drive outer it looks shorter? Is the lower spring also different?

See photos.

So I need to know is the left hand drive shaft shorter than a right hand drive shaft?

Can I use the left hand drive lower spring?

315D2073-766D-4E76-B63C-4BFE445A7117.jpeg 41A922F2-4A69-4C24-AFB6-52DBAD6DCA6D.jpeg 7664BE8E-0794-418B-8007-B90115D3888C.jpeg


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I've not got the shell at home to test fit.
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