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Help with passenger door


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Hi all,

Been working on the cabby and noticed that u have to fair slam the passenger door for it to close as the front of the door sits too far in and the door at the quarter glass flex’s. Then when the door is opened it pops back out at you any ideas of how to fix this.

The drivers door is lovely and can be closed with a light push



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re-align the door to the frame.
then re-adjust the striker pin.

I would imagine that your door isn't square to the door frame that is isn't possibly centered and may be sagging.

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I find a good starting point is to remove the striker pin from the 'B' post. Then you can kind of 'snug up' the door in the aperture and get a good idea of alignment etc and 'adjust ' things from there.

Once you're happy with how the door fits in the hole, replace the striker pin and adjust it to suit.
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