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Help...My Golf is insurance write off!!


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Can I get the car back on the road??

OMG…..My lovely long term project literally  went up in flames.  1983 lhaza green tin top. Insurance company has completely writen the car off so not allowed to go back on the road as fire means total write off. the car is still very viable me thinks. Any ideas before i sell it on Ebay for bits?   Anyone got a V5 but no car to go with it? golf fire1.JPG


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Does it not depend on which category it's written off under?

Check as I haven't looked at this in years and things may well have changed…

If it's category A do the insurance company not retain the vehicle / ownership and it's crushed?

If it's B I think you may be able to negotiate retaining ownership but whatever the salvage value agreed upon is deducted from your overall payout.

You can salvage / use parts from it, but not the shell and you will eventually have to provide proof that it was crushed.

From Cat C down it's OK to repair and return it to the road, but must be to an approved standard / inspected.

I'll ignore the last sentence!

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