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Greetings from an old member


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I'm back again!

So amazingly amongst many house moves, getting into a relationship, several job changes and other life things I've managed to keep hold of my 1983 cabriolet that I've owned since 2003 and it's now back on the road, oh yeeaaahhh!

Since 2014 it was being stored in my dad's garage but now having a home with a garage of my own, he was getting increasingly vocal about me moving it. So late last year I finally got it transported the 30 miles to my house and started looking seriously at recommissioning it; after many years standing it needed a fair bit of attention.

To cut a long story short, one new windscreen, 4 new tyres, a spot of welding and a complete overhaul of the braking system later, it passed an MOT and I was finally able to drive her on the road again for the first time in about 7 years, that was a special drive home from the garage. I quickly got reminded of one of the reasons I took it off the road in the first place when I realised the front wheel bearings were also shot so these were quickly replaced.

It's been two weeks now and I've been working on that never ending list of little jobs, various seals, broken bits and loose bits have been replaced and it's slowly starting to become a nice car to drive again.

The purpose of this thread, to see if there's any other club members local to me in Medway, Kent that might want to meet up, I'm very out of touch with the car scene these days so have no idea how active people are on here. I don't have any social media things, I ducked out of all of that many years ago so I'm hoping there's still members that read these boards - I know forums are quite out of fashion these days.

I'd attach some pictures to this showing my car but I don't seem to have permission to upload attachments and haven't got any other way of hosting images to link so you'll just have to imagine a 1983 Golf cabriolet GTi in white with white wheels and small bumpers in pretty original spec. In the depths of this forum I think there might be the odd image or two.

So anyway, hello again from me!


1983 White cabriolet GTi
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