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Green Stripe interior?


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Hi all

Been off the scene for a few years but following the sale of the last of my VW's I think its about time i started to move on the 25+years of VW detritus that I have in my garage and shed.

I'll soon start listing things up once i know what i actually have…

First off though i have
 both fronts and rear bench seat for a Lhasa Green GTI Striped interior in complete working , unblemished (no rips, tears or fag burns) and more importantly unfaded. I acquired these probably 15yrs ago or more for my mk1, that was being restored, but it went other ways…. The Car has gone and they never got fitted and tbh I doubt i'll ever own another mk1 in Lhasa Green…

Pics will follow once i get them out of their storage and a bit of a hoover to get 12+yrs of loft dust off them.

Look like these

Just trying to get a handle on what they are worth these days. Don't want to over pitch them but also don't want to undersell them..

(Just wish i kept the storm leathers that were in the car when i bought it but alas I just tipped them in the impetuous of youth)….

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