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Golf Mk1 Puzzle


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An activity started during lock down

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During the lock down my wife have taken up building a few puzzles. Not everyday, but when the weather has been wet, etc.

I hadn't built a puzzle for years, so it was quite a surprise that my wife bought 3 1000 piece puzzles to keep us occupied, 2 of which we have now completed, a village fete and a Cat..

Coincidently, I have had another birthday this June and prior to it I was asked by my daughters what I would like for it.

I decided to have a picture puzzle of my Mk1 and I purchased the frame, all from Create your own photo puzzle - a photo puzzle with up to 2000 pieces -

So after 2-3 hours on 6 days since the 4 June, it is now finished today and proudly hanging on the wall in my office area.

The resolution of the picture has to be high, I was fortunate to have some professional pictures to choose from done by Nick at (NWCT Photography) for the VW Heritage Parts Centre.

I am very pleased with the outcome with the picture I chose. Please find a few pictures attached.

The 3rd puzzle  of a Donkey scene might be an anti-climax after this.


P1040355-2.JPG P1040358-2.JPG P1040359-2.JPG P1040360-2.JPG P1040361-2.JPG

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That’s great, both the car and the wall art, may look into that for a winter project!


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Malcolm said

…The 3rd puzzle  of a Donkey scene might be an anti-climax after this.

 O_o  Really depends what kind of donkey scene! :lol:

See my videos, Tom W T F on YouTube


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I'll bet the sky was a bit of a pig to do.
Great idea though!

My rebuild thread I will try and keep up to date: here
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