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Fuel injection system


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i am looking at potentially buying a sportline mk1 but it needs a new fuel injection system fitted. My local garages are struggling to quote on this. Does anyone know an approximate cost supplied and fitted please.




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What parts do you need?

Why does it need replacing?

They are pretty reliable unless the fuel filler neck rusted away and water/ dirt gets into the fuel system but most of it can be cleaned out.

If all the fuel system has been removed you maybe better off buying another car either for spares or forget the sport line if it's not cheap, other option is change the engine and fuel system to something none standard…..

Some places which sell parts or try eBay.


Classic-vw are specialists in the mk1 golf models, including scirocco, jetta and caddy. We are also your No1 choice for the hard to find and obsolete parts.

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Rickshuty - where are you based? Someone may be able to help you out close by or know a decent garage. 
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