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Free Online ETKA Part Identifier Part Number Diagrams etc


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Morning all,
Apologies if this has already been highlighted but I thought I'd share it as it's been an absolute godsend for me during my build as I'm so often completing half finished jobs on my part restored Campaign.

The URL below will take you to a free ETKA VW parts and exploded diagram program. It times out after 10 mins but that's often more than enough time to get a few screen grabs. 


Next go to free services

ECABBAD3-EAC9-41D8-9949-A0B6FF1AC7E3.jpeg 9973E1EB-E9EE-4A3E-982F-F3D9A770685D.png

You'll then need to select 'Car program 2'


Next step is to select your vehicle and the year.


Once you're in you can then find every part and diagram you could ever have dreamt of! Enjoy!!


2BD4D77C-6B7E-4E4C-8704-F70058C4251D.png C9AEE730-F183-4A04-B634-499E15A875A5.png 66B4936D-3BAA-4D3D-8138-A0A9B6CE0C6E.png

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 Black 1984 MK1 Golf GTI Campaign.


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 Golf mk1 owner's club on Spotify

Mk1 golf owners club playlist: Golf mk1 owner's club playlist - YouTube


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Not sure the URL worked so have popped it below. When I tried it there were two extra characters that had to be deleted. Second try below.


 Black 1984 MK1 Golf GTI Campaign.
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