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ive owned a few mk1 Gti’s in the last 28yrs , sold them to get a different classic, always regretted it and then bought another Gti, have had the one I have now for 15 yrs, apart from the fact that they look great,  the unbeatable part is driving them, whether it’s just pootling about or giving it a bit of a blast, always makes me feel great , the heavy steering when parking, heavy brake and clutch pedals, feeling the bumps, it’s just basic but superb.

"Mk1 Golf Gti...all things to all men"


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Totally agree. Recently exhumed mine from 3+ years in garage not being used for various reasons, apart from to and from MOT.

1st 1/2hr like being dragged down road in a tin bath but after that felt right back at home, low geared steering and everything.

Feel like the AA advert.

GTI Sept 2020.jpg

1983 Mars Red 1.8 Golf GTI
1987 Alpine White 1.8 Clipper Cabriolet

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