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Elsa Win


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Good morning Folks.

Ive purchased a copy of elsa win so i have all my information needs at a click of a finger,

unfortunately i cant find my car, i know am i done, its actually not that simple as theres so variations.

If someone can guide me i would be extremely grateful

i will also add the whole program on my signiture for all to use, in hope that it could be most useful to you guys.

Thats if it doesnt break any rules.


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data on elsawin for cars older than 1992 is extremely limited, plus you also have to have the correct data installed before whatever limited information there was shows up!

if all done correctly you will find a pretty decent selection of mechanical information for the mk1 golf, but no wiring diagrams. for the mk2 even less mechanical information and again no diagrams. the mk3 golf data is pretty much complete and includes diagrams, though not everything the earlier mk3 has some missing i.e. 2E code ecu and pre-96 specific stuff.

Hello my name is John and I'm a dub addict.

My wiring diagrams and other documents have moved here:

VAG Documents & Downloads

You'll need to sign into google/gmail for the link to work! (its free!)
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