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So my daily was riddled with mechanical and electrical issues, I slowly sorted them one by one but I never did fix my central locking.

I didn't have an issue putting the key in the door and turning it, until the cold weather and a frozen lock a few times reminded me it needs sorting.

Anyway booked a coding specialist to come over this Saturday to code the keys and sort the issue finally.

Went to the gym this morning and on unlocking this happened


Now the car is deadlocked with no way of unlocking it, cant go via the boot as its a saloon, only option is to bosh a window and sweep up after

Remember kids if it's broken fix it

Current rides:

2003 BMW 330d Manual Saloon Msport
1985 GTI cabriolet black edition (42k miles)
1999 Triumph Daytona 955i Post apocalyptic, rat, brat, scrambler, steam punk, cafe racer



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How annoying for you


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It's amazing what the proper application of a Squirt or 2 into your locks prior to your discovery can stop.

WD-40 and a short squirt can stop this from happening.  

What I have seen over here (I have lived in the ICS and Snow Areas of the US) is that the little door over the locks  can allow water/ice in to your locks because they get dirty and fail to close after the key is removed.

But growing up in the GWN of the US taught me a few valuable lessons…. When before it is winter time (freezing temps) and a few times during the year, a Squirt of WD-40 or your favorite spray stuff (except Crazy Foam, or glue… :) ) works wonders on keeping door locks from freezing or rusting… But from what I see is that the clip on the other end of the lock cylinder
that activates the pawl came loose or failed…. so that lock cylinder came out… happens to me every time I change a door handle..

Yep, ownership has it's rewards….ya gotta take care of the Gnat bites, prior to them becoming a Alligator Bite  that consumes large chunks of your ass-its…

I think this is one of those life lessons that you learn some sooner than others……   

I think we all have been there a time or three.

What do Divorces, Great Coffee, and Car Electrics all have in common?

They all start with GOOD Grounds.

Where are my DIY Links?


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Love your stories Bri
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