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Decided to show my new car


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So my new car came today and thought I would share a couple of really badly taken pictures in the rain.

530e. It chugs along quite nicely to. It was with a slightly heavy heart my 520D has gone back as it has been a great car let’s hope this can match it. Certainly quoted for starters.


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It's always exciting to get behind the wheel of a fresh ride. Even though your 520D has been a reliable companion, I'm sure the 530e will bring a new level of joy to your driving experience.
Those rain-soaked pictures might not do it justice, but from what I can see, it looks fantastic. The sleek design and the promise of a smooth ride are definitely something to look forward to.
If you ever find yourself needing to transport your cars or have any car-related questions, I wanted to share that I had a great experience with They made the process hassle-free, and it might come in handy for you, too.

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