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Cabriolet roof hydraulic system questions


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Hi, my cabriolet roof hydraulic pump started leaking. I removed it and found some small cracks in the reservoir around the bolt holes. I found a new replacement 8G0898101 (same as Golf mk3) on ebay, so happy with that.

I have a few related questions though:
- The plastic sleeves covering the hydraulic hoses is very brittle and started flaking off when I moved the hoses. I suppose this is just cosmetic, or are these prone to fail?

Replacements are VERY expensive to buy new. Is this perhaps something a hydraulic hose company will be able to make to sample?

- I see on the forum the impellers are prone to failure, so I am thinking of replacing this while I have the pump out as preventative maintenance. Are these also the same as Golf mk3 impellers? Part number 1E0871687 is commonly available.

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