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Brake Lights


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When getting my car out of the garage, because there are no lights in the garage I noticed that the green indicator LED was very faintly illuminated. I checked the indicators and both worked correctly.
Then at the end of the day whilst putting the car away, it appeared that the brake lights weren't working.
Is the faint indicator LED and non working brake lights related.


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Could be, but if your turns only glow you have blown a Fuse.

Bad ground are another issue at the tails.

What do Divorces, Great Coffee, and Car Electrics all have in common?

They all start with GOOD Grounds.

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Usually on mk1 because the dashboard clocks are so aged the printed circuit/plastics etc have become brittle and worn strange warning lighting happens. Plugs are the same.
More likely to be the pedal switch or connected wiring and unrelated.
If you get brake lights that permanently stay on, in a dual filament bulb one filament can blow,  metal joining the two circuits inside bulb.
You start with the fuses and bulbs and hope you have nothing else to do…
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