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Bleed nipples for bake callipers


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Now I can buy these anywhere but is there a better type / stinger type to buy as I have lost count over the years the number I have fought with, rounded off, snapped and generally hated.

If not I shall just go for bog standard couple of versions.


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It doesn't matter which type you buy, I really prefer the speedy bleeder ones as they are easy to bleed.

The issue is that you have to wrap them with Teflon tape from the nut side down to the tip and back up.

Using a Pin lance the bleeder port on the tip open You will never have one seized again.  Any time you take out a bleeder-re-wrap it.  And Keep the Rubber cap on the open port after bleeding…

Steel ones without the teflon tap will rust as the oil left in the port is Hydroscopic or absorbs water.  

Aluminum Ports will corrode because of differential metal electrolysis so wrapping them slows the progress.  

I have done this to all my bleeder ports on new to me cars for years, and I started in the 70's because of my Rover and the inboard rear disc brakes were such evil things to replace…

Never had another one seize and bleeding brakes is way more enjoyable.

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