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Back in a Mk1


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Just to say it's nice to be back in a Mk1
Another Clipper on a '90 G reg, 108k

Now I remember all the rattling over bumps etc
I've been in 4 now and they all have done the same

I'm assuming this is standard
Or does anyone know any different or how to minimise it 20240428_162222.jpg


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New shocks bump stops mounts, and bushings., maybe springs  Then go through the Dash and tie all loose wires, new seat glides and finding and quieting all the other things.

I think it only took me a couple of years to make mine very quiet.

Get a 400Watt head unit/media player and a sub, and Turn it up.  

I do Both, and all 3 of mine were whisper quiet.  The only squeak that took me a while to find was the rear view mirror plastic bit vibrating on the glass.   Found it by accident, as when the button /mirror loosened and fell off used Clear RTV Silicone allowed it to cure for 2 days remounted it and 10 years later it still hasn't squeaked.

If clear Silicone is good for aquariums, Big or Small to glue the glass it should hold the mirror.

What do Divorces, Great Coffee, and Car Electrics all have in common?

They all start with GOOD Grounds.

Where are my DIY Links?


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Its the obvious, when you hit bumps, pot holes etc
The dash rattles, shakes, so was just asking if all were the same

I was thinking if it was just the age, flex in the chassis etc, causing the dash rattle
On the motorway, dual tracks etc its sweet as a nut 
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