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Are badge refurb stickers any good?


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Hi Everyone

Anyone had a go with the overlay stickers to recondition badges?

my badges are all black from age so i want to get them back to original - i have seen the stickers that can be stuck on but i worry they will blast off when i wash my car with my pressure washer? - has anyone used them and if so are they likely to last a good blast? i did think about getting them and over spraying with clear coat but still not sure???

I did think of cutting some out of aluminium on my CNC, spraying black and sanding back to expose the face metal but i am not the best at cad and its a massive faf to get the speeds and feeds set up + i am having a real pain in the bum getting the draft right on the letters for the cabby badges!


thoughts? - are the stickers any good?



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You can get most in repro.but the stickers look good..1 trick is to lacquer them after fitting they will fall off in bad weather I know tried 3 sets. I've also masked and rattle tinned in silver. Too matt…. then I just use chrome pen and keep redoing every time I feel like it far easier and looks pretty for couple of weeks

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On a Cabriolet I had, I cleaned and sprayed the entire badge White 3 coats, then I sprayed satin black over the entire body.

Using a piece of 2000 grit wet/dry in a cookie sheet of water, I flat sanded the black paint off the white.  Once I had all the black removed off the white Face and allowed it to dry… I over sprayed the rear badges with Satin finish Clear….  Looked great, lasted for quite a few years until I got rear-ended and car got totaled.

On my later ones I sanded the badges to get the nicks and scrapes flat.  I sprayed then totally satin black.

Over the black I applied leafing adhesive and Gold Leafed them.  ( I suppose you could use Silver leaf)

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