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Anyone know if this is possible?


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Or how hard it would be to achieve.

IMG_8279 Dual.jpg

The Dual exits are photoshopped, the rest is 100% real, even the weeds in the drive that kinda spoil the photo….

Anyhoo, I'm comfortable that the lower panel is pretty simple given 2 panels, a cutter and a welder, its the route of the pipes and clearance etc that I'm not sure on and wondered if anyone's tried it or achieved it before?

Better to ask and get a barrage of laughter and abuse from those in the know than spend a heap load of cash finding out for myself!



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Sorry i have no real experience on this but as you say theres little room to fit it in.  If its just a dummy then sure it could be done, but  squeezing a hot pipe into the available space is something else. Remove the spare wheel well and things would be easier..


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I agree with abfmk1 you'd need to loose the spare wheel well.

My rebuild thread I will try and keep up to date: here

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Personally I don't think that it would be a better thing as it is the old "lets fool them" dual exhausts of the 70's muscle car eras.

They placed 2 out pipes on the rear silencer but alas there was only a 1 inlet silencer with 2 outlets.

A well Tuned exhaust with a 4-2 manifold then using a Dual down pipe, as well as opening up the exhaust from the current diameter to one about 1/2 inch ID larger will give you more bang for the buck.  And you don't have to modify the unibody.  

Removing the wheel well or even modifying it would cause heat issues on the fuel tank IMHO, that would be a safety issue as the Air flow to keep things cool is a must.  Do you really want an OVEN above your Fuel tank, which is going to be hard to shield, and new ones are getting scarce,  

Now if you are like my brother has a few Corvettes that were designed to have two separate exhaust systems that he has modified with better headers, straight pipe runs to the back with Stainless Steel, and Counterweight flow controls to lower the voice at traffic stops and low rpms. Designed for this from the factory is way different then modifying after the fact.

Sounds very nice, and is ultra functional so that after he had the ECM "Tuned" he gets about 40MPG at 108 MPH for a V8 but only 30mpg at 80 mph.  Since it is a Vert, you can actually talk pleasantly with the top up or down. The Throttle response is awesome.

Now you could "Fake it" that is run a smaller diameter pipe off the rear outlet and snake it around the rear wheel box, so that the other outlet will get carbon soot, to match and some outlet pressure.  
 "My 2 Pence."   

It is your car, and you can do what you want, it is your vision if you can take the differences in opinion, then it's decision, and all others can do is point out the issues.

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In my opinion it just looks wrong with duel exhausts unless you add another 4 cylinders in a V formation  to the 4 you already have  :lol:  You could go down the modern Mercedes, Audi etc route and have 2 fake exhausts in the bumper…,rest%20of%20the%20car%27s%20bodywork

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I've always liked the look of dual pipes and I'm not looking for any performance gains, so it's just for the look, but on a cold winters morning I don't want the shame of having only one pipe smoking!
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