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Any way to tell if a Mk1 Caddy Sport is a real Sport?


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Hi all,

 I bought my Caddy Sport a few years ago from a fellow called James Wadsworth, unfortunately I cant get a hold of him these days, not sure if he is on here. I belive the forum I used doesnt even exist any more ( ) but anyway..

I have this sport, its white, had some of the stickers. The fellow I bought it off did have the zender body kit, but he wouldn`t let it go as he wanted to keep it as a spare for his other Sport.
 But I have no other way of telling if it is a factory sport or converted later?  I know the engine is not the original one, and interior parts have been changed.

are there any telltale signs that would give away if it was / was not a factory sport since it appears to have been changed from its original look if it is?

many thanks,


37330581_253009105287489_2485986448847667200_n_17936009443136011.jpg IMG_8927.JPG IMG_8928.JPG IMG_8929 (1).JPG


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I knew of one other original 'Sport GTI spec' Caddy the owner said it was one of 10 imported in right hand drive . Cabby is currently being restored (sorry do not no where or who has it) last seen in North Lincolnshire. Looking at it years ago it was exactly the same as a GTI 1982 except for the rear deck .


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These were built in a very specific time period - if you can sort that it may help.
In the UK only sports had the detuned GTI unit, should be evidence if transplanted.
I remember them being delivered on forecourts. As a run out clearance model I have recollection about the factory being closed due to the war and so the special limited end of edition.
As on another post =the paper sticker is printed in the factory and one goes on the car, other in service book. The car is built to that spec. Decode it.
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