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Mk1 golf 16v 9a


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I have recently had a 16v 9a put into my mk1. It's running well apart from sometimes when I need to come to a stop and I put my foot on the clutch the engine will stall. If I put my foot on the clutch while going at 30mph for example there are no problems. It's only when I come to a stop or will want to stall. I can usually change down into 2nd gear and catch it just before it stalls but sometimes it stalls in second as well.

The CO screw was adjust as the emissions were high at the MOT. I'm not sure if the problem existed before the MOT as the drive to the test station was the first time I'd used the car since the conversion was done. Before this the engine had only run in idle for 5 years. 

I'm not really sure where to start, I don't want to turn the co screw right up again as it will run too rich. Any help would be appreciated.



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I would say check for vacuum leaks, as the engine stalling going to idle is more apt to have vacuum leaks/timing issues.

It could be fuel to air mix, but don't discount vacuum leaks first… I have also seen (OLD TIMEY) vacuum advance on the Diz to stick…. so it can't retard the timing after an advance.

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Thanks for the reply, I've had a look over the vacuum system and everything looks to be in good condition. I adjusted the co slightly and it has definitely helped, however not made it perfect.

I think the timing is the next thing to check as the car feels stuttery and a bit hesitant at times when on half to 3/4 throttle. The car then suddenly gives a pull once it hits 4k rpm. 

Does that sound like a timing problem? 
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