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EZ 1.6 Ignition timing setup...


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Timing help

Hi guys..

Just after a bit of info.. Going to do the ignition timing on my 1.6 EZ engine (carb)
I've found out via forums & haynes that its to be set between 17-19deg BTDC ..

That part is fine BUT.. Is this with the Vac adv hose ON or OFF and plugged up???
Haynes says..
1.6 litre (code RF) - TCI-H . . 17 to 19 BTDC at 700 to 800 rpm, with vacuum hose disconnected

I know this is a RF code engine so my question is vac hose ON or OFF for a 1.6 EZ?????????



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18 degrees BTDC with vacuum line connected :)

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