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Show and Shine 1st, 2nd and 3rd place details


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Show and Shine 1st, 2nd and 3rd place details

Sorry for the delay folks. It may be all over for you guys but there has been tidying up going on all week for me!!  :roll: Anyway, here they are. A couple are missing detail so if you know the owner please get them to pm me. - YES I do know a couple of images are larger than others, I don't know why that happened!!!!  :redfaced:

Best Standard Hatch
1.   Ian McCormick - Ianaa, gold 1.3 Driver, A94UOM
2.   Peter Ratcliffe - Ratters, Lhasa Green 3 door, A35RAT
3.   Steve Glen - Scary1, black GTI, 82 D 3043

Best Standard Cabby
1.   Dean. Meredith - Kaz5, Blue Automatic Clipper, H286KRU
2.   Dan Perkins - Dano, Red 1.8 GTI, A705TYW
3.   Richard Yarrington - FLOGMK1, Red 1.6 GLI, UMW88Y

Best Modified Hatch
1.   Jason Buckley - Mk1lemon, Yellow 3 door, WJE172T
2.   Nigel Reynolds - N1631, red/ black/carbon 3 door 20v FOE540X
3.   Simon Fletcher - SiGTI, blue 3 door XVH978V

Best Modified Cabby
1.   Neil Humpheries - Dubcab75, grey cabby G682TGX
2.   Andrew Dickinson  - Mk1dcky, Green with Armadillo roof, J769WRD
3.   Bruce Lennox - BrucieBoy, Aquagreen with stickers H364XUU

Best Daily Driver
1.   Mark Williams, marksw, white GTI, LSU820Y
2.   Steven Larkin - PopLarkin, Silver Campaign A884HCF
3.   Peter Crompton - ClassicMk1, black 3 door, STG240Y

Best Engine
1.   Chris White - Chrissy, Black cabby, G428VUL
2.   Adrian Daniels - Lhasadreams, Lhasa green hatch NDM464Y
3.   Ian Crossley - Iansgolf, Red GTI, A811XRX

Best paint
1.   Sharon Evans - 89clipper, orange, G780WCF
2.   Dan Stewart - sky blue, 5 door gl, ATV45Y
3.   Nicky King - Nicky, white flip paint cabby G8LFL

Best Interior
1.   Richard Booth - Bluey12 - A144HNF
2.   Dom Jones - DomJones - A393VYH. 1983 Golf GTI
3.   Lalanfabs, dark blue 3 door WNR399X

Peoples' Choice Award - Sponsored by Crazyquiffs (made by Neil!!!  :wink: )
Jason Buckley - mk1lemon, yellow modified hatch, WJE172T

1st place standard hatch

2nd place standard hatch

3rd place standard hatch

1st place standard cabriolet

2nd place standard cabriolet

3rd place standard cabriolet

1st modified hatch

2nd modified hatch

3rd modified hatch

1st modified cabriolet

2nd modified cabriolet

3rd modified cabriolet

1st daily driver

2nd daily driver

3rd daily driver

1st best engine

2nd best engine

3rd best engine

1st best paint

2nd best paint

3rd best paint

1st best interior

2nd best interior

DomJones - details awaited contact Dano

3rd best interior

Peoples Choice Award - Sponsored by Crazyquiffs (made by Neil!  :wink: )

Well done to all who took a prize.  :wink:


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Congratulations to everyone who won something.

Some cracking cars there.


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Nice one Dano and congrats to all who won!!


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be nice to see large pics of all ?? :|  :|  :|


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supercharged said

be nice to see large pics of all ?? :|  :|  :|

Yes it would be.

Photobucket saved them like that.  :dontknow:

Go to Lhasadreams thread if you like to see larger ones.


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Dano is there a record of what each car scored and what they were marked down on?

Would be very handy so people could see what they would need to improve on ect.

If no, then could it be something thats done next year?


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There isn't, no.

We did try that method last year but it was too time consuming due to the number of cars on display.
The public votes couldn't cater for that process in any case.

Owners if the cars know where the bad bits are on them if their honest. It's up to the judges/ people to spot what they are. I know that mine still has work to be done in certain areas and it's been judged by the same people about 3 times now so the 'issues' get rectified each year!!!!

We've got to strike a balance between a fine tooth comb examination and the presentation time so we can't take all day about it.
There are too many online users to list.