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Car Of The Month - August 2014 Winner - 1100-tintop

The Peoples Choice Award This months Car of the Month was chosen by those attending the 2014 Club Annual Gathering at Uttoxeter Racecourse. Everyone was asked to stand by their favourite car of the show and heres it is!

My interest in Mk1 Golf's started nearly 3 years ago when my youngest son decided he wanted an 1100 Tintop as his first car, after begrudgingly agreeing to his request we found a decent example not too far from home. Over the next 6 months my two sons and myself slowly ironed out all of it's flaws (of which there were quite a few). It was after this time I decided I wanted my own Mk1 to tinker with as the experience had re-kindled an interest in modifying and playing about with cars that I'd given up on many years ago. So in June of last year I posted a 'Wanted Ad' on the Mk1 Forum for a 'nearly' finished project or a completed car (unfortunately my job leaves little time for a full-on build). After seeing a few cars that were not really floating my boat I was messaged by a member in Dover saying he was looking to part with an unfinished '78 3 door 1500LS Golf, the car had only covered 12,500 miles from new and had a recent paint job by Greg Howell of Southam Bodies. Luckily the car was not for sale anywhere else as the member wanted the car to go to an enthusiast/owners club member and did not want the hassle of selling it publicly. Originally the Golf was owned from new by a Glaswegian gentleman who kept it until he was too old to drive, it was at this point it was passed onto a relative who put it up for sale and was purchased by the owner's club member. The car very rarely went far in it's life and two of the MOT's that came with it showed it had only traveled 40 miles in a year (on average it had only done 350 miles a year!). Luckily the elderly owner kept virtually every Service Invoice and MOT Certificate whilst it was in his possession to back up the low mileage, and credit to the Gent he kept the interior as it left the factory. We struck a deal and the car was trailered back to it's new home, I planned from the outset not to not modify it in any destructive way so as to enable it to be brought back to original specification with little work, currently the only changes are coil-overs, raised top-mounts, BBS wheels and an electronic ignition kit. Future plans include some better brakes (rest assured the originals will be stored safely), media blasting/coating the front and rear suspension and a general tidy-up underneath. Problem I have now is my eldest Son has also caught the bug and is rebuilding a KR powered Caddy - so we are now fighting for garage space!

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