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VW Golf Cabby Mk1 - Retrospectively fitting a hydraulic roof


VW Golf Cabby Mk1 - Retrospectively fitting a hydraulic roof


I need some help.

I have a 1993 LHD MK1 VW Golf Cabriolet.

I want to retrospectively fit a hydraulic pump to automatically operate the roof.

I have a pump, the hoses, the console switch a wiring loom.

What else do I need and does anyone have a wiring diagram or photos of how to do this please?

Pretty Please :)

Thank You all and very much appreciated
Des Carroll

Cabby Mk1 LHD 1993 (Power Steering)
Cabby Mk 1 RHD 1992
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Speak to chortle, hes your man for roofs, but I have the feeling the frames are different.


1983 Cabby Gti All White Edition
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yarp roof frame is different, plus you need to cut out all the hydro motor/ram brackets from a donor shell and weld them into yours

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My wiring diagrams and other documents have moved here:

VAG Documents & Downloads

You'll need to sign into google/gmail for the link to work! (its free!)
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the frames are different you will need to change your roof frame or do a fair bit of tweaking to allow the manual frame to work with electric roof gear, from memory the electric rams locate to part of the frame you do not get on a manual one

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