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Car Of The Month - November 2014 Winner - Mk1dcky

The Person My names Andrew I am 53 years old, I live in The Lake District. I am a self-employed kitchen fitter. I am interested in cars, my main interest is MK1 Golfs….suprise suprise. My first ever car was a MK1 Golf N reg Swallow tail. Reg HEC 846N…if its out there I would like to buy it back please! When I bought this car before I passed my test I loved it that much I drove it to London down the A6….and it took forever! My next trip out in it was when I past my test and I covered 1500 miles in one week! Set off from the Lake District right down through Wales, down to Torquay, along the south coast and back down the east coast to Scarborough and back over to the lake district stopping at various places on the way, the only mis-hap on the way was the clutch cable went through the bulk head, did a rolling repair and off we went again.

The Purchase Was looking for a series 1 golf (that wasn't rotten) for a fair few years, which appeared to be quite a task. Eventually my son found one in Wales which only had 19k on the clock, he was going to buy the car to modify it to a great extent. He bought the car and when I saw how good it was I told him he could not modify it to the extent he wanted to, a car with such low milage and amazingly good original condition. So I purchased it from him and was a proud owner of a series 1 that wasn't rotten and in such good condition. Then, it was time for me to join the Mk1 Golf Owners Club!! I have owned various cars throughout my life included quite a few mk1 golfs, have always stuck with the VAG scene. Current vehicles I own are a 25th anniversary golf, T5 Transporter Van, Mk1 golf cabrio with vilkus hardtop roof and a few motor bikes.

The Project Before I got the car it belonged to the House of Lords, Lord Wig, as a company car. Then was purchased by a lady from Mecca Bingo who used the car to travel to and from work and was garaged when not in use. As you can imagine car parked in bingo car park…..hmmm….door dents….scratches. The car is Series 1 1.5 LS Auto, T reg. Currently has 22k on the clock. When I bought the car it had a few modifications but nothing major, coilovers, g60 front brakes and g60 wheels. I added a few modifications myself including all red rear lights, black number plates, BBS split rims and of course a full re-spray from one of the best bodywork specialists I could find locally….and it cost me a fortune! My intentions are to put the car back to standard condition, I have the original wheels and tyres from new, original suspension, original rear lights and original petrol filler cap. Probably won't go back to standard for a year or two. I am happy with my car but hate having to constantly clean it to keep it in its immaculate condition, as the slight thing scratches it with being black! My next purchase is going to be a series 1 gti, which i am currently on the look out for but will have to part with one of the others to make room for it. Thanks to everyone who votes for me. I am proud to be accepted as part of the mk1 owners club and will continue to show my support where I can.

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